Combine the proximity to existing manufacturers and suppliers with high quality-of-life marks, a prepared workforce and the potential for growth, and you have the Florida–Alabama Mega Site: the perfect place to get your business in gear.

The Automotive Triangle

The Florida–Alabama Mega Site – along with KIA Motors Manufacturing and Hyundai Motors Manufacturing – form an illustrious automotive triangle. Within this triangle are over seventy automotive parts suppliers providing everything from gaskets to engines. Each of these suppliers can reach the property in less than three hours.

Quality of Life

The region surrounding the mega site boasts a 178 ranking on the Quality of Life Index, considerably higher than the national average of 100. The most commonly cited factors contributing to this: proximity to healthcare options, abundant recreational possibilities on the Gulf of Mexico and area lakes, and a relatively low cost of living. 

Workforce & Education

Tap into an experienced and active labor pool. Over 672,000 workers live in the region, 87% of whom hold at least a high school diploma. The area’s strong automotive presence means there’s a large, highly skilled workforce available. Plus, within an hour drive, five different Community Colleges offer Automotive and Aviation Certifications.

Growth Potential

Studies project a 10% population growth over the next 13 years. Currently, the area is in the top 8 markets for Economic Growth Potential and ranks in the top 6 for Statewide Workforce Development Organizations.

Workforce by Top Industry

Many of our workers are trained in Health & Social Care, Retail Trade, Public Administration. Almost 34,000 people in the region currently work in the manufacturing sector.


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